A house church committed to getting real with Jesus (& each other).

Have you ever felt like even though you were going to church, the experience didn't quite add up to how The Bible describes it?

In some parts of the world, the word “church” has become synonymous with a building, and for some people, the word “Christian” has become associated with a religious organization full of judgy people. That's not what God commanded.

We're getting back to the basics: Gathering in homes, studying scripture, praying together, worshipping God, sharing communion, and loving in full faith.

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Before you come to a gathering for the first time, you might want to know what we believe.

And that’s a good plan. We could be a cult for all you know ;)

Christ is the foundation of Easton Park Church. The church is a global and local expression of Christ’s love, peace, sacrifice, and healing.

The following are foundational statements of our faith and the scriptural references supporting them:

Our Beliefs