About Easton Park Church

Have you ever felt like even though you were going to church, the experience didn't quite add up to how The Bible describes it?

In some parts of the world, the word “church” has become synonymous with a building, and for some people, the word “Christian” has become associated with a religious organization full of judgy people.

That's not what God commanded.

We're getting back to the basics: Gathering in homes, studying scripture, praying together, worshipping God, sharing communion, and loving in full faith.

What to Expect On a Sunday

We meet in a home and we study and discuss a particular part of scripture together. We believe that the Holy Spirit reveals different perspectives to each of us, and that everyone has something valuable to contribute based on their uniqu life experiences and current circumstances.

We also take time to pray together, worship together, discuss and share burdens, ask each other for help and support with real-life things, and share the Lord's Supper (communion). Typically we're meeting together for about an hour and a half.

Getting real with Jesus requires us to also get real with ourselves, each other, and with what scripture reveals to us about who Jesus is and how he wants us to live. We want to be intentional about maturing in our knowledge and understanding of our faith, and wrestle together through scripture.

Meet the Pastor

Dustin Lien

Dustin completed his pastoral residency at Venice Church in 2019 (part of the Community Church Movement) in Venice, California. He also was previously on staff as the Children's Ministry Director at Venice Church, and served in the Youth Ministry.